Things You (Really) Need To Know Before Setting Out On The Road


Many thinks that it’s just a matter of going out into the street and starting to walk or hike. Far from it! To ensure good preparation and prevent health problems, we answer your main questions that usually arise.

What Do I Do If My Partner Has A Different Pace?

It is common, in many walking pairs, that one has difficulties in following the other’s rhythm or has a different pace, which ends up compromising the activity. An option for the faster ones is to carry a backpack with some weight or move your arms with energy to make a greater effort even if the speed is lower.

Another alternative you can turn to is doing most of the exercise beforehand and joining your partner’s walk during your cool-down phase. It’s also fun to chase and try to catch the fastest one.

How Do I Assess My Physical Condition?

American cardiologist James Rippe, an expert in healthy living habits, proposes this four-step method:

1. Search for a route one-kilometer long.

2. Warm-up for about five minutes, stretching your calf muscles and thighs.

3. Go through those thousand meters walking as quickly as possible, without running.

4. Compare your time with the following values, by age groups:

– If you are under 30 and can cover the kilometer in eight minutes, you are in excellent shape.

– If you are between 30 and 39 years old and can cover a thousand meters in nine minutes, it means that you are in great shape.

– If you are between 40 and 49 years old and cover a kilometer in less than 10 minutes, you are at the best level of fitness.

– If you are between 50 and 59 years old, a kilometer in 10 minutes is an excellent mark.

– If you entered the seventh decade and can cover a thousand meters in 12 minutes and 12 seconds, you are in good shape.

– If you exceed your group’s ideal time by two to four minutes, you are not in the best aerobic shape. Continue to walk and exercise regularly until this time is reduced. As with everything in life, it’s a matter of practice!

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