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Machine learning puts a new spin to online Rummy in India

Rummy has always been an amazing source of entertainment for people of all age groups. The tradition of playing the rummy game on occasions and gatherings has been passed on from one generation to another. Although it requires utter dedication and immense effort to master the game, rummy still has not lost its craze and demand even in this fast-paced life of ours. Today technology is something we cannot live without. As a result, games rummy today are available online as well so that our generation does not miss out on the fun the card game has to offer.

Necessary points to be remembered about online rummy

Rummy is not an easy game to master. It takes time and effort to become an expert at it. Therefore, only long hours of practice can make the dedicated and passionate player a champion at the fun-filled card game.

  • Check out the rules and strategies of rummy before you start playing the game:

A passionate and dedicated rummy player must also know about every detail of every rule, skill, trick, and strategy that he or she is learning about. The game can be played by 2-6 players with 2 decks of cards. Each of the players gets 13 cards each and a joker card is selected at random for that particular game of rummy. This joker card, which can either be a wild card joker or the actual printed Joker, must be used wisely to form impure sequences. This will help you to gain the least points possible among the other players. This knowledge is a must especially when the player himself or herself is implementing special tricks or strategies with the joker cards in that particular game.

  • Know the points of each card:

In order to play rummy online free, it is mandatory to know the points of each card. The cards numbered 2-10 have points equal to their face value. But the cards like Ace, Jack, Queen, and King possess the highest points of 10 each. Therefore, they must be discarded from your bunch of cards, if any, unless one of them turns out to be a joker card, which has zero points. Once you arrange your cards accordingly, you’ll be able to form the pure and impure sequences with the least possible and declare them as soon as possible.

  • Earn rewards and bonuses:

Along with cash prizes, you can also win bonus rummy points which will help you to get more rewards as you play the different kinds of rummy available online.  Thus, practice rummy online and profit from it.


For anyone to play rummy online free, the player needs to go through the whole process of knowing the details of the card game very well. This can happen only through practice. Hence, play rummy for free and win money and rummy points. You can also search the website for RummyPassion and play rummy online free to know more about the game.

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