Key benefits of choosing a dedicated hosting provider 


Many businesses, be it large or small, have various remote work software options for hosting their web applications, mail servers, and websites. If you are looking for control and power the best option is choosing a service provider who offers dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, a client rents a server from a dedicated hosting provider, the provider works with the client to give them RAM, CPU, and disk space that they need

The following are the benefits of dedicated server hosting.

Server resources are not shared: 

By choosing the dedicated server hosting provider you will get the full resources of a single server. There is no worry about other websites clogging up the servers RAM and CPU. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that spikes in the bandwidth usages or bad scripts running on other websites won’t slow down your server.


A dedicated server allows a client the flexibility of customizing the server for a client’s unique needs of software, CPU, disk space, and RAM. If you see in the case of shared hosting a customer is limited to application, software, and operating environment already loaded on the server. A dedicated server allows you to have a customizable server environment that fits your needs.

Enhanced performance and security: 

A dedicated hosting provider gives a guarantee of maximum uptime for your website. Generally shared hosting is opted by the websites which have low to medium traffic. If your website receives a lot of traffic dedicated server is the best option as it provides reliability and stability than shared hosting.

Unique IP address: 

In the case of shared hosting you are sharing an IP address with multiple other websites if one of your neighbors is a spam site, this could push down the ranking of your website. In dedicated hosting each server has its unique IP address, this is important if you are running a large e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

These advantages come with a cost. Shared hosting is the cheapest way for any business to run its website. But in comparison with this, dedicated hosting is expensive. It is advisable to choose a cheap dedicated server that can fit your needs.

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