How To Do HDR For Real Estate


Photography of real estate has been on the increase in recent years. Most realtors depend on quality images to help them convert sales. One of the main issues in real estate photography is the management of double exposure or sharp contrast. The most practical technique to deal with this situation is HDR.

We suggest you keep reading this article in detail and we would practically show you when to use an HDR image in real estate photography

When To Use HDR In Real Estates

During a real estate photo report, you often frame a room with a large opening outside (window or bay window). Usually, the interior of the room is darker than the exterior, and the brightness is different between these two areas.

We often talk about backlighting.

The camera can only manage one average exposure for this kind of photo. At the same time, the two very different lights would require managing multiple exposures. You could, by playing with the parameters, calculate good publicity for the interior or a good exposure for the exterior. But you will not be able to have good exposure, both outdoors and indoors. If you expose the photo correctly for the interior, the exterior will be overexposed (too bright). And if you calculate the correct exposure for the surface, the interior will be underexposed (too dark).

To have a properly exposed image, both outdoors and indoors, you need to balance the bright areas and the dark areas, and there, there is no miracle that it is necessary to go through a shooting technique and software.

There are several techniques to achieve this. The most widespread, because having the best complexity/result ratio, is HDR. To know more about using HDR and other photo tips, kindly visit

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