How Smartphones Have Modified The World?


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There was a time when mobile phones were used just to communicate with each other. With the passage of time, the mode of communication improved. Users were given the facility to send messages, make voice calls or enjoy the video calls. Nowadays, the features of smartphones are much more than simple audio and video-based communication. If you are still using an outdated mobile, it is time to bring some change. Check the sharaf dg coupon for the best deals on smartphones.

Easy to Use System

It is admitted that smartphones have changed the way human brains used to work. In the past, people remember information; however, now they just think of relevant search engines to find the information. In the past, people used to keep in their diaries or in their memory the phone number and addresses of friends and family members. Now, they just need to type the first letter. Even an uneducated person can use the device, search out a number by voice feature and make an audio or video easily.

You are no more Home Alone

Whether you are sick, have a public holiday or an old person, a smartphone cannot let you home alone. Just communicate with your family members, living in another country and enjoy hours of video calls. Side by side, there are online social networking applications that can keep you busy. Check the Facebook account, online news, make tweets, search your favorite movies on YouTube or read an online book. Smartphone can open a never-ending world to pass your time.

Guideline towards the Right Track

Smartphones have improved their way of living in a magical way. It may happen that you are driving alone and do not know the exact location. No need to get worried! Smartphones have a feature to show you the exact path and help in travelling towards your position safely. Search out the sharaf dg coupon and save a considerable amount on your order.

Trace Out Feature

In fact, smartphones have accessed each and everything. If someone is missing, he/she can be traced out through smartphone tracking alert. In 2011, smartphones helped a lot the authorities in Japan. As the landline service was out of order, so the mobile phones were used to search and help out the victims.

Earthquake Exposure

The accelerometer MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) is installed in the latest smartphones that check the movement and retains the map towards the actual direction. It is noticed that this feature is sensitive enough to trace out the earthquake of above five magnitudes. You can buy this by using sharaf dg coupon at the best price.

Disease Diagnosis through Mobile Phones

Smartphone provides a channel where you can find experienced doctors to discuss your problem. If you are unable to visit the doctor, use a paper chip (developed by Harvard University Professor) to test the blood. The color of the chip will help in diagnosing various diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV. When doctors check the color, they diagnose the actual problem.

It is true, smartphone applications can save maximum time. You have given a single platform to check the current weather, time, text your friends, make calls, make online shopping, order the desired meal, schedule your appointments, confirm your flight, check your mail and send best wishes to friends. The latest models offer innovative features, so use your sharaf dg coupon and choose the best smartphone.

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