What makes up the main features of the persuasive essay?


Students often have to write essays. In this way, they can hone their ability to express their opinions on different topics and to argue for them. Consider the definition of a persuasive essay, the proof section, and the rebuttal section.


A persuasive essay is an academic work whose main purpose is to convince the reader of the correctness of a particular opinion. The author takes some opinion and tries to substantiate it with arguments. As a rule, all thoughts on this topic are considered, but the most extensively considered is precisely the one correlating with the opinion of the author.

Beyond a stand-alone format, a compelling essay can be part of a research effort that works to persuade the audience to take a specific position on a controversial topic.

The structure and features

A part of a compelling essay is highlighted to discuss evidence that supports the author’s main argument. For example, this section might discuss expert evidence from research on this issue, namely facts from flawless methodologies. These aspects demonstrate a rationale and a clear connection to the thesis. Consequently, the effect of persuading an essay directly depends on the specific choice of the author of the evidence.

The convincing essay also contains an equally important rebuttal part. In this part, the author refutes opinions that compete with the main idea of  a convincing essay, subjecting them to criticism. Thus, the refuting part helps the author maintain a high level of objectivity in the work.

Speaking of other functions of a persuasive essay, it is worth mentioning the development of students’ ability to interact with arguments, which helps them prepare for participation in the academic field.

So, the basis of a convincing essay is facts, and the main character is objectivity. This type of essay is important because it prepares young minds to come up with complex objective arguments that positively impact the scientific community.

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