What are some of the best Telugu action movies?


There are no movies with dramatic and dangerous stunts like action movies. This genre keeps an audience glued to the screen in suspense for the full length to keep up with the plot. What is more, fans can watch movies online, at the comfort of their homes or when on the move. From Hollywood, Bollywood to Tollywood, action movies have enjoyed an unsubdued fan base, thanks to their complicated and unpredictable scenes. In keeping up with the pace of production, Tollywood has released several Telugu Action Movies, which can be watched online.

Just like any other action-packed movies, Telugu movies have so much energy that makes them so enjoyable. The lead casts are always painted the best in the industry with a masculine built. Most of these dramatic movies are based on revenge; the lead actor is always used by a special task force to help fix a worst-case scenario or hunting down the bad guys. The twist in these action thrilled movies makes you stick onto the chair. Telugu boasts of quite a good number of action movies like Saaho, Singam 3, and Janatha Garage. Let’s take a look at some of Teluguâs best action movies:


Vikram is assigned with the task of investigating the murder of a senior officer who was killed by his alleged rape victim. When he investigates deep into the case, he uncovers some surprising facts.

The screenplay is the biggest asset to this film and the director has played with the screenplay. Film is engaging and entertaining to the audience. Adivi Sesh played the lead role and has done exceptionally.


The plot of this film features a young with no accomplishments who happens to pretend that he is a cab driver to attract the attention of a young lady he had just met. The lady is fleeing from a forced marriage on her. The young lady along the way misses her flight, and a train also leaves her at the train station. She has no option but asks the cab driver to take her to Mumbai by car. In Mumbai, they are confronted with two mobs; one after the lady sent by her dad and the other after the cab driver. The two end up falling in love amidst their troubles.


This action-packed movie centers on two inseparable childhood friends who disagree as children. The young lady in anger asks her friend to stay away from her for 12 years if he wants to be forgiven; she also promised to marry him after the period elapses. The small boy leaves for a different city, and the lady’s family also leaves town. Twelve years later, the guy comes back but does not find his woman. He ends up in jail for attempted murder. He then gets out of jail, changes his name, and meets his childhood lover, who had also changed her name. The two unite, but another brawl catches up involving someone’s death and the two have to work together to solve it.

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