Types of Printers


The office and home printers are the ones used in conjunction with the computer. The printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information onto the paper. The paper is usually the standard size sheet of paper, most commonly – A4. Printers vary in size, speed, features, sophistication and cost. The many type of printers are the dot matrix printers, the daisy wheel printer, the line printers, the drum printers, the line printers, the chain printers, band printers, ink jet printers and the laser printers. Though in today’s market the ink jet printers and laser jet printers are what dominate and we shall confine our article to these two. The office and home printers are also refried to as the persona printer.

Advantages of personal printers

The basic advantage of the personal printer is the convenience. You print what you see in real time. Another key advantage is that you can mark it up, add or delete and edit as you may wish. Printed documents have the convenience of storage and mobility. This is one of the reasons that a printer may not go out of fashion whatever the storage convenience in terms of capacity, cost and ease of use.

Types of personal printers

Personal printers – as the name suggests are designed to support individual users working on a single computer. These printers are designed for low output, short turnaround print jobs requiring minimal time to produce a hard copy. of a given document at hand. Some printers are compatible with stored memory cards or from digital cameras and scanners. Picking your personal printers from a reputable supplier like 123inkis a good option given the range and choices.

Network printers are usually shared printers on network and can print at high speeds and high volume. The Xerox is an example of such and can achieve speed of up to 120 pages per minute on its later models.

Though they do not come under the category of personal printer. The virtual printer, the bar code printer and the 3-D printer would fine mention here as they are desk top printers.

The plotter

The plotters would require mention among personal printers as they are the extension of the engineers drawing on the computer, Pen based plotters are an alternate of the printing technology commonly used in architectural and engineering firms. The pens could output continuous lines the resolution of the drawing was far superior to the dot matrix technology. With the technology of roll fed plotters they could produce drawing of sizable dimensions.

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