Tips to Regain Lost Traffic Back – First Tips Should be a Surprise One


Today we are here to give you some top tips to regain lost traffic. If you apply these methods, I’m sure you will regain at least 10% of lost traffic back. The first method could really surprise you.

If you lost traffic to your site suddenly, one of the main reasons for a traffic drop can also be due to your site losing links suddenly. Also, if the search engine giant like Google makes changes to any core algorithm.

If you are sure none of the above reasons is the issue for lost traffic, you should check other reasons like broken redirects, competition from other websites, pages peed, and more. Let us explain more in detail.

  1. Broken Redirects

If you made changes to your URL structure, make sure none of them is making any 404 errors. You are likely to see a drop in your rankings unless you have a proper 301 redirect plan. If you are using WordPress CMS to manage your website, you won’t need to worry about managing 301 redirects. You can find a lot of plugins to manage 301 redirects but our recommendation is WP 301 Redirects plugin.

It helps you to instantly boost meaningful traffic by up to 10% easily by reducing users hitting the dreadful 404 errors.

  1. Manual Actions

If you see any significant drop in your website rankings, chances are great Google is penalizing your site. Go to your Google Search Console account and check if there are any warnings in the messages. Also, check the manual actions section.

  1. Check Page Speed

I think you already know page speed is one of the key factors to rank well on Google SERP. When pages take longer to load, it will affect both SEO and user experience. You can check Google’s page speed tool to check your page loading speed.

  1. Server Issues

If Google Bots can’t grab your site due to any server issues, you will lose your traffic quickly. Ensure that there are no issues with your server. To check this, use Google’s Fetch and Render tool to test how a URL on your site is crawled.

If you ever want to reset website, try WP Reset.

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