Portacool Air Cooler Sizing- How Important Is It?


In the 2020s, people are no longer asking the question, “are portable air coolers worth the buy?” Almost everyone knows they are, the statistics and market trends are proof of this. The question is now about which option is the best or what Portacool air cooler size is the right one for me. The number of people and the largeness of space are crucial factors to determine the size of the air cooler to go for; your consideration is not the cooler itself but where you want to cool in your house or office. 

House cooling: 

In the home, there are usually two options for using evaporative air coolers. The first is if you would only be cooling a place in the house while the second is cooling multiple areas simultaneously. 

Cooling a single space at a time is very simple stuff. You need an option to go for one of the Portacool air cooler’s portable options for a single space. There are different portable coolers; hence, a prominent consideration is the size of you where you want to service. In your search for available options, when you get to the product page, you’d see the capacity for each of the available products, and with the dimension of your room, you can decide which to go for. Now, there are options to go for giant Portacool coolers, which can serve multiple places at a time. However, you need a professional to check where it can be installed in the home; it would be built and integrated into the ventilation of your home. With the giant coolers, you can serve different places in the house at the same or at different time. 

Factory cooling: 

If you are thinking of what size would fit your factory or office space with a large cumulative area, then getting a giant evaporative cooler is your sure bet. Such coolers are constructed with capacities to service larger areas. With the constructive sense of an engineer or professional installer, you’d have the best outcome.

So, how important is sizing? 

You do not want to buy an evaporative blower larger than the space it would serve. If you do that, you might just be under-servicing the cooler, and your room might also end up being uncomfortable with too much cold. 

Secondly, you also do not want to buy a swamp cooler that is smaller than your home or office space. Setting it up at the highest frequency would cause it to overwork, which is not the issue, but that all the pressure you mount on still won’t make it serve its purpose. If you are not sure of the size option to choose, you can reach the customer support of your preferred brand and ask for their professional recommendation, giving them the dimensions of your space. Nothing beats getting the right size for the appropriate place.

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