The Best Food That You Must Try in Surakarta Indonesia


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Solo or is called Surakarta is a town rich with history and culture, even like Yogyakarta. It adjoins Karanganyar and Boyolali from Karanganyar the north and Sukoharjo regency from the east and west, also Sukoharjo regency in the south. Solo is also famous for its inexpensive and yummy cuisine. There are beverages and street foods which are renowned as culinary tours. They can be located in Solo Indonesia culinary festivals. It is ensured that your tongue will dance when the flavour in the food is melted. Indeed, trying a typical cuisine somewhere will give an awareness of its own in each holiday season. Here some suggestions on which to consume from Solo Surakarta.

Nasi Liwet

Nasi liwet is a traditional rice dish. The rice has been cooked in coconut milk, together with chicken broth and seasonings such as bay leaves and lemongrass. It can be topped with assorted vegetables, omelette, anchovies, chilli peppers, and shredded chicken. This dish can be served by itself, or alongside chicken cooked in coconut milk, telur pindang (eggs boiled with shallot skins and soy sauce), or tempeh (soybean cake). Nasi liwet is cooked in clay pots, and it’s served on teak or banana leaves.


This Indonesian goat stew originated in Surakarta, Java. It is thought that the dish arose through the Dutch rule if the goat cuts were distributed among the rich, and what was left for the poor were goat bones that had some meat attached to them. The bones have been cooked in a thin broth that is enriched with several herbs and spices such as turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, cumin, coriander, garlic, and onions, and although other recipes also may include the inclusion of goat innards. The dish can be served in bowls or wrapped in banana leaves.


These traditional, small-sized pancakes are usually ready with rice flour and a choice of milk or shredded coconut. The pancakes are amazingly flexible. They arrive in sweet and savoury variants. They may be adapted with wheat bread and various toppings such as sugar, carrots, crushed carrots, jackfruit, chocolate sprinkles, or fermented oncom. At the same time, modern-day developments also consist of beef, sausages, or ice cream. Serabi pancakes are located throughout Java. However, they are generally connected with the cities of Solo and Bandung. They are primarily marketed as street food, and also are accompanied by strawberry, durian, or kinca syrup.

Ayam Penyet

This dish contains pieces of fried chicken which are served coated with a noodle paste, in sambal. Push or the term ‘penyet’ from the name of this dish means to press, referring to the preparation process where the poultry is stuffed utilising a pestle to make the meat more tender. Some variations tenderise the chicken following the skillet, at precisely the identical time coating it. The dish is served with sambal that was additional on the side accompanied by fresh vegetables, tempeh, tofu, and rice. Ayam penyet is found around the nation, Though it awakens from East Java.

Bakso Solo

As the name implies, this bakso variety hails from Solo (Surakarta). It is ready for the company, but tender beef meatballs that are served in beef broth. The dish is accompanied by yellow or vermicelli noodles and assorted garnishes like greens, onions, or fried wontons. A bowl of bakso Solo is served on the side with fresh sauce and lime wedges.

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